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Angel-1 by copr369 on Flickr.

Flickr OP: The angel came to life as I photographed her.

There are many ghostly legends involving haunted, glowing and moving gravestones in America. While these tombstones can certainly be strange, and even a little spooky, there are few that can be as eerie as the baleful stare of a piece of graveyard statuary. Many of these monuments are nothing more than the peaceful, angelic forms of heavenly messengers…. but look into their cold, stone eyes.

Does there seem to be something hidden there, lurking just below the surface? Or is that shadowed gaze just the result of the elements beating down on this figure year after year?

There is no doubt about it. Graveyard statuary runs the entire gamut between beautiful and frightening. During the early part of the century, craftsmen were allowed to express themselves in cemetery art and create sculptures that included seductive angels, surrogate mourners and even the deceased themselves.

Many of these sculptures have gained a reputation for being something other than just the ordinary artwork of a cemetery…. something which may not be of this world at all!

graves by floatygabz on Flickr.

"We do not count a man’s years until he has nothing else to count" Ralph Waldo Emerson by danjdavis on Flickr.

This fallen gravestone in Evergreen Cemetary at Fayetteville, Arkansas has always reminded me of this Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation.

155 by AlexJohnson on Flickr.

headstone cross by tokistyles on Flickr.

hastings cemetary headstone

Headstone by Tom Moyer Photography on Flickr.

Moyer Photography: “Darwin, Ca., a living ghost town. Located on the western edge of Death Valley.

An interesting collection of headstones in Darwin cemetary. This one is an engine block.”