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Weeping by Jenni Nicole on Flickr.

Closeup by Jenni Nicole on Flickr.

Grave of Ricky Dinh, 1979-2008 on Flickr.

Greenoaks Memorial Park:
Greenoaks Memorial Park, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Photos taken by Find A Grave member skatoolaki | Graver’s Journal - Graver’s Journal @ Tumblr - Twitter: @graversjournal

Stefania Pawluk by ratsal adsand on Flickr.

ratsal adsand: “Killed. It’s a harsh and provocative word to put on someone’s grave marker, especially if you aren’t going to give any more information.

Not quite six years old, Stefania has a cake, shiny Mary Janes, and a big smile in her photo. Happy birthday, kid.”

"This blog will serve as a shared resource for those who are interested in gravestone photography, genealogy and family history. Most of the photographs will be of my ancestors or of cemeteries I am photographing, transcribing and researching. [Charter member of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits.]" - Midge Frazel (@midgefrazel)

I was quite excited to have stumbled upon, and been able to record, the grave of a recipient of the United States’ infamous Purple Heart.

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Greetings to my fellow Tumblrs.  I have spent the last few hours moving my old graving blog (started in March ‘07 and eventually petering out a couple of years later), A Graver’s Journal here to Tumblr.  I have a few reasons for this.

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